Captain Roy Episode 3

Pirate ship battle

Pirate ship battle

The appearance of the new ships had changed the game.  My crew, my treasure and my life needed to be protected.   The Pirate Ship Accentus’ aft had a unique design.  The captain’s cabin was below the main deck, protruding beyond the rudder.  Under the cabin hung two brass balls for any pursuing ship to see.  It’s entrance was where you would expect it, aft the main deck, however, after the door is a stair case going down to the cabin.  Captain Roy designed it himself.  

As the armada drew nearer with oars in the water, the Accentus began to creak and groan.  The captain’s cabin had separated from the main hull of the ship and descended toward the water, suspended by 4 chains.  At the center of the chains was a hose, attached to the bottom of the officer’s deck which was where the captain’s deck was usually found on other ships.  The clunking of the chain rings accelerated as the cabin drew closer to the glassy surface, then a splash.  None of the queens’ navy were privy to this disappearing act because all they could see was the front of the Accentus, her siren’s figure hanging over the hull, her sails limp against the sky.

Now the captan’s deck was what we call a diving pod.  We use it to bury treasure, and recover the treasure we had buried.  The hose was connected to a bellows in the pod and it pumped air into the cabin.  The brass balls hanging under the cabin act as ballast against the buoyancy of the air filled chamber, to prevent it from flipping over and floating back to the top.  Everything was perfectly calculated, from the weight of the brass to the volume of the diving pod to the length of the chains.  We even took what treasure we had in the holds and gathered them in nets tied to the brass spheres.  However today we were not diving to hide our treasure.  We were diving for survival.

We released the chains from the officers’ deck and the end of the hose was attached to a buoy that floated amongst the debris from our fight the night before.  The bellows was pumped once every 60 seconds so as not to draw attention to the buoy.  The crew stayed as silent as possible, waiting for this to pass.


I went to see the dermatologist today and what I found out was game changing indeed.  The urgency of no skin-to-skin contact was stressed (no pun intended), to the point that he asked if I could stay with someone else for a week until I was no longer contagious.  I explained that I am the primary care taker of the children, so what precautions would I have to take knowing that?  Cover up exposed skin, use gloves and a mask to prevent bodily fluid exchange from talking, sneezing, breathing.  Thankfully, our friends Marlene and Alan offered to quarantine me at their house while they took care of the kids at ours.  Alan is Trystan’s godfather and his family has been such a blessing for us especially in times of sickness when neither Shelly nor I could take any days off.   So for now, a blessing and a curse, I have to leave my house for a week until I am better, but I take my treasures out of harms’ way.  I pack my bags today and wait for this to pass.


The Leftenant of the H.M.S. Itch searched the Accentus with his boarding party.  They found no treasure, no crew, and no Captain Roy.


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