Meal Idea: Super Meatball Stirfry


– Beef broth (or bouillon and water)
– Costco meatballs
– Trader Joe’s Kale
– Steamed Rice

1. Put 1 cup of broth (or 1 cup water and bouillon cube) in a frying pan or large sauce pan and bring to a boil (dissolve bouillon cube if using one).
2. Turn broth flame down to a simmer and add kale.
3. Microwave Costco meatballs for 3 minutes or heat in oven as directed.
4. Stir kale until almost all the broth has been absorbed or boiled out.
5. Add meatballs to the pan and stir.

Serve hot over steamed rice. The remaining broth will flavor the rice. You can add salt and pepper to taste but I thought it was perfect just a it is.


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