French fries and priorities

Time management is just another way of saying task prioritization. It is about knowing what you will get done and what you won’t. The biggest part is placing names on the things that you do. Checking e-mail, chatting, updating your status on Facebook, cruising your newsfeed are some activities that we do not name, but end up taking our time. When we list out our priorities, we have to include these things on our list of things to prioritize.

With that said, as a working parent who wants to find fun ways for my kids to learn. One of the things on my priority list is giving the kids hands on learning experiences. I keep my eyes peeled for opportunities where I can take something on my priority list for the day and combine it with a way to teach the kids something fun. I love taking them grocery shopping because they learn about the process of picking fruits and vegetables, interacting with a cashier, and the value of money. Before going shopping, I make Trystan take out some money from his piggy bank so he can buy a treat. Hunting for those opportunities is one of the things that injects random fun into my day.

Yesterday, on our drive home from daycare, I asked Trystan what he wanted to eat for dinner. He replied, “I want French fries, ketchup and chicken nuggets Daddy.” “Well, we don’t have any French fries at home so we have to go to the store and buy some.”

At this moment, I remembered the potatoes in our pantry that were starting to go soft and I had a flashback to when I was a child and my mom cooked French fries with me and my brothers. Now I can teach the kids how to cut potatoes and show them how one of their favorite treats are made and at the same time, I don’t have to put them in front of the television while getting dinner ready.



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  1. OMG Roy. please use a proper fryolator or a pot big enough so the fat is never more than half way up the pot. That pot is so close ot an accident waiting to happen. Please believe me when I tell you the level of fat in that pot reminds me of when in college they would start a fire on purpose so we could practice using fire extinguishers. always leave at least half the pot empty for anything especially deep fat frying. Love your blog, love what you’re doing with the kids and love when you are safe in all you do 🙂

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