Chasing Daddy’s dreams

Booked from 11am to 9pm, it’s going to be a long day and I’m starting it at 4am. What’s on my plate? Well, I’ve been getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning to pray, write and exercise. Today is extra special because I have a ton of anxiety
about my to-do-list, so I had trouble going to bed last night as well.

Today is a living witness to “Son, don’t stop chasing your dreams.” I will never stop telling my children that, with my words and with my actions. Today I get to DJ and MC my first Bat Mitzvah, which I am so excited and grateful for. I’ve been preparing for a month on a setlist, practicing transitions and researching what kids like to listen to nowadays. My favorite music to DJ is 90’s – 2000’s hip-hop basically hitting the 20 and 30 somethings crowd, which is very convenient for weddings since, that’s about the age people are getting married in nowadays. This event has an age gap right in my sweet spot so I feel like I have to do some research to see what tweens like.

Gig number two is as an Emcee for a polynesian show, which I love to do because I have the “gift o’ gab” on the mic I strike, I make your party my lab and unleash the hype… yeah, I wish I could free flow when I’m actually on stage. I probably could if I didn’t get so self conscious and afraid about failing.

The third gig is teaching an introductory swing dance lesson at in Pasadena, CA. A once a month pleasure for me, since it’s probably my favorite monthly event.

Pretty crazy. It will be over 11 hours of being on-the-go and not seeing my kids. Well kids, daddy is chasing after his dreams and I want you to do the same. Whatever the obstacles, whatever the difficulties, whatever you’re afraid of, however long it takes, however old you are, get focused on what you love to do and go for it. And if your dream happens to be the same as mine, then I’ll teach you as much as I can; if it isn’t, then I’ll help you get started and be cheering for you the whole way through.


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