Some of my favorite recipes to cook, and tips on how to prepare food.

Meal Idea: Super Meatball Stirfry


– Beef broth (or bouillon and water)
– Costco meatballs
– Trader Joe’s Kale
– Steamed Rice

1. Put 1 cup of broth (or 1 cup water and bouillon cube) in a frying pan or large sauce pan and bring to a boil (dissolve bouillon cube if using one).
2. Turn broth flame down to a simmer and add kale.
3. Microwave Costco meatballs for 3 minutes or heat in oven as directed.
4. Stir kale until almost all the broth has been absorbed or boiled out.
5. Add meatballs to the pan and stir.

Serve hot over steamed rice. The remaining broth will flavor the rice. You can add salt and pepper to taste but I thought it was perfect just a it is.


Trystan and Zoey’s breakfast pizza

I opened the fridge this morning to find some uncooked pizza dough I had prepped a couple of nights ago when inspiration struck.

pizza dough
raspberry jam
condensed milk
fruit toppings

1. Preheat oven to 400deg.
2. Roll or toss pizza dough
3. Spread raspberry jam on the dough
4. Puncture 2 holes in the can of condensed milk and pour out in thin stream to look like shredded cheese.
5. Add fresh fruit toppings
6. Bake for 9-15 minutes. I baked it for 9.
7. Slice, share, and enjoy.

Note: if you like the taste of fresh fruit. Then add the toppings after baking the dough, jam and condensed milk. My first run through which is shown in the pictures was done by baking the dough first and adding the jam, milk and fruits afterward.





Quick Breakfast Idea

Happy Saturday!  Hopefully you slept in today and are now hungry for some breakfast.  Have you ever tried soft boiled eggs?  Most Americans I know don’t really eat soft boiled eggs.  I personally have never tasted or heard of them until after meeting Shelly’s British family in Florida.  The Brits call this dish “eggs and soldiers” basically, if you slice up toast into strips they turn into soldiers.

Prep Time: about 10-15 minutes (to boil the water, or soak the eggs)

Cooking Time: 4-6 minutes (depending on if eggs are in room temperature or straight from the fridge)

What You’ll Need:

  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Salt

Step 1. Boil water.  Using a spoon or tongs gently place the eggs in the boiling water.  If your eggs are stored in room temperature (or prepped by soaking them in warm water), then it should take about 4 minutes to get them just right.  If they’re straight from the fridge then it may take 5 – 6 minutes.  What you’re looking for is a cooked egg white, and a warm and runny yolk.

Boil Eggs

Step 2.  Toast your bread.  Put them in the toaster while you’re waiting for the eggs.

Toast the bread

Step 3. Slice the bread into strips.  Make yourself a platoon.


Step 4. Enjoy! Put the eggs on egg holders or if you don’t have egg holders, you can cut out a couple of the compartments from the egg carton, that way you’ll have no egg holders to wash.  Slice off the top of the egg, add salt to taste and you’re done.  Once you run out of yolk, take a teaspoon and scoop out the egg white, it will easily come off the shell.

Eggs and Soldiers

For Zoey.  We made a sunny side up egg so she can partake in the dipping action without having to deal with eggshells.

Sunny Side Up